Make your holiday as green as possible

We’re committed to sustainable tourism here at Cuckoo Down Farm and we want to make it as easy as possible to be green while you stay with us.

Compost loos

Our fantastic compost loos are as green as can be. You avoid polluting gallons of fresh water because you don’t flush at all – instead just a handful of pine woodshavings turns waste into something wonderful. And the loos honestly aren’t whiffy at all – just very peaceful!


The yurts are heated with locally-grown sustainable timber in a woodburning stove made in Devon from recycled steel.


We have recycling bins so you can recycle all glass, paper, card and metal. There’s also a composter for all food waste.

Low-carbon yurts

Our yurts do not have electricity so you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint just by being here, away from hi-tech gadgets. Lighting is a mixture of rechargeable and solar-powered camping lanterns. But it is possible to charge your phones etc on site – we’re only human!

Eco-friendly products

The yurt kitchens and bathrooms are kitted out with eco-friendly cleaning products.

Buy local

We source all our products and services as locally as possible. Please do the same while you’re here and support our fantastic village shop in West Hill, our local pubs and restaurants and the many lovely small shops and businesses in Ottery St Mary.

Be car-free

We can pick up from nearby train stations: Whimple (£5 per journey) Honiton (£10 per journey), Exeter (£15 per journey).

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